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Monday, July 8, 2013

VIDEO FLASHBACK- The Pizza Boy: He Delivers

    Are you feeling up for some fuck and suck sausage action? Does a special thin crust with extra salami sound greasy enough to go down on? Is a delivery of cum splattered action featuring Steve Henson and superstar Tony Stefano the kind of deliver you're craving? Better call The Pizza Boy...he delivers.

     Still at the top of his game (and before he moved to Europe), William Higgins delivered a classic film in 1985.  "The Pizza Boy, He Delivers" is pure 80's Higgins, and deliciously showcases California dreamin' in all its glory.  The action takes place in or around a Los Angeles pizza joint, which of course has a bevy of young, hot men working the place.

     In the first scene, we are treated to David Ashfield grabbing some beers and taking innocent Grant Fagan to a deserted park, where he proceeds to seduce him.  Before you know it, David is slurping on Grant's huge dong, and both boys shoot huge loads.

     We then move on to gorgeous Italian/American stud Tony Stefano, who comes into the pizza parlor bragging about the great sex he had while on a Caribbean vacation.  We are treated to the sight of Joey Hart being fucked all over a hut-like room by Stefano- which is a super hot scene, by the way.

     Next up is a return to David Ashfield and Grant Fagan, who return to that dark, deserted park.  Although this time, David has a new trick, and proceeds to show David he can now suck his own mammoth dick.  David responds by gladly fucking Grant Fagan's virgin butthole in a whopper of a scene.

     The next scene involves two quintessential California golden boys, Tim Barnes and Art Williams- all hot and sweaty from a tennis match.  The boys of course end up in bed to relieve their horniness, chock full of sucking, 69-ing, and fucking.  Good times.

     Back at the pizza joint, dark-haired Troy Ramsey delivers a pizza to hunky Steve Henson.  Steve propositions Troy, and before you know it, has Troy in his shower, naked and erect.  Their sex scene is one of the highlights of the film.

     The last scene is actually two scenes in one, involving a group of buddies spying and filming each other.  Brent Woods, Art Stevens, Chad Johnson, Michael Gere, and Sean Gage all participate in this scene- which is the weakest part of the film, unfortunately.  Brent and Art are spying on and secretly filming Chad and Michael working out- Brent asks the other two to come over, but is told no.  Instead, they order a bunch of pizzas to be delivered to Chad and Michael by Sean, which results in a 3-way.  Brent and Art witness the action, of course.

     This is prime William Higgins here, kids, and classic 80's male porn at its finest.  It's also one of the hottest gay flicks of all time.  This pre-condom masterpiece has been digitally re-mastered in a 20th Anniversary Edition, and looks better than ever.