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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bill Cable

     Hunky and heterosexual Bill Cable, AKA The Stoner, was only one of the most iconic COLT models ever.  Oh and did I mention he was one of the first as well?  Being a straight man, he appeared in such publications as Playgirl, as well as the occasional straight porn.  But what really put him on the map was his modeling for COLT.  And what's so hot about that (besides his obvious looks), is that he knew he was posing for gay men, and obviously had no qualms about it whatsoever.  Interestingly enough, Bill appeared as dead rocker Johnny Boz in the 90's classic "Basic Instinct", and also appeared in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"!


  1. Can't believe no one has commented. Bill Cable was one of my first crushes. He was perfect.

  2. Great model he was......shame what happened to him later.....however are you absolutely certain he had no 'avid pianist' leanings ? THAT is the object in the foreground after all.......whatever, it's the 'straight male' fantasy that counts.

  3. I remember him well,I would like to know what ever happen with him!