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Monday, September 2, 2013

VIDEO FLASHBACK- The Young & the Hung

     It's hard to find fault with William Higgins 1985 masterpiece, "The Young & the Hung".  It features nine show-stopping scenes full of variety, and is truly considered one of the greatest adult films of the 1980's.

     The first half of the film revolves around cute, blond Christopher Lance, who cruises around looking for action in his pickup truck.  He encounters young Grant Fagan, who deliver us a sizzling flip-flop fuck in the bed of Lance's truck.

     After being worn out by Fagan, Lance returns to his room to service himself in an erotic shower scene.  He then goes out to a bar, where he encounters hunky Brian Estevez.  They then take it to the men's room for one of the greatest glory hole scenes ever committed to video.

       After they both shoot their wads, Christopher grabs the still-erect cock of Brian, and asks if he wants to fool around some more.  They go back to Christoper's room for another sex session.

     We then find Christopher cruising some more, where he finds Michael Gere- the stud on the prowl for the second half of the film.  Michael is dropped off, only to be picked up by Tex Anthony and Ken Kerns, who take him to a barn.  Which leads to a rather strange, yet highly erotic scene involving fucking a watermelon, then eventually each other.  Don't ask, just watch.

     Later bike-riding Troy Ramsey meets Gere on the side of the road, and end up back in the barn.  It's another great scene.

   The very last scene involves camper J.T. Denver, who's silently beating off in his tent.  He's interrupted by leather-clad and chainsaw-wielding Jim Erickson and Terry Evans, who proceed to slash their way into his tent for a sizzling 3-way.

     "The Young & the Hung" is deservedly known as one of the greatest examples of male erotica ever.  And it looks better than ever now on DVD.  Grab a copy.  You won't be disappointed.