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Wednesday, October 5, 2016



     Where to even begin with the legend known as Peter Berlin? He was a photographer, artist, model, clothing designer, filmmaker- and is generally known as creating some of the most recognizable and influential gay erotic male imagery of our time. What's amazing is that Berlin only made two films- NIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER and THAT BOY- yet still became a sensation in the gay world of the early 70's. He also became a sensation when he moved to San Francisco, as his usually outrageous attire and blatant cruising made him the talk of the town. In fact, Peter was so popular in the 70's that he became the subject of Robert Mapplethorpe photographs, Tom of Finland drawings, and even worked with Andy Warhol. Peter Berlin made gay porn artistic and fun, and was a true pioneer who's work is still being revered today.

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