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Thursday, October 13, 2016


       Count Drac is back, and this time he's sucking more than just necks! Of course I'm talking about the wonderfully campy GAYRACULA, from 1985, starring Tim Kramer, Michael Christopher, Steve Collins, Max Cooper (aka Max Montoya), Randall Butler and Doug Weston, it's chock full of sizzling hot sex scenes all with a huge dose of camp thrown in for good measure.

     The film was written by Bruce Villanch, if that tells you anything! But as I said before, it's a standout porno film on its own, with some downright hot sex scenes included. And of course, it's perfectly appropriate for October.

     Hell, sexy Tim Kramer and Michael Christopher alone are worth watching, but there's plenty of hot cocks and ass to go around. Definitely required viewing for this time of the year!

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