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Friday, August 19, 2011

Leo Ford

      I can't really think of any other porn star of the late 70's and 80's that personifies that California summer feeling like Leo Ford.  Leo was the stuff of myth- even back then, he was rumored to either be Calvin Klein's lovebird on Fire Island or the naked ass on The Smith's first single cover, "Hand In Glove".  He was the quintessential California surfer dude we've all lusted after at one time or another.  And the fact that he was a voracious top and bottom and so obviously enjoyed every minute of it, caused him to be a true superstar-a gay idol in every sense of the word.

     His appeal crossed all fetishes and tastes.  Leo starred in many memorable adult flicks, until meeting his untimely death by motorcycle accident, at the age of 34.  Still, Leo will always be remembered.  He made a huge impact on me, as the original "Spokes" was the first, true gay porn I had ever seen.  Leo starred in too many classic adult films to list, but "Spokes", "Sailor In the Wild", "Games", "Leo and Lance", are but a sample of his amazing videography.

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