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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VIDEO FLASHBACK- William Higgins' Class Reunion

    William Higgins released his classic "Class Reunion" in 1983, and what sets this one apart is that there's virtually no plot whatsoever holding this together.  It was filmed entirely for the purpose of getting together some of gay porn's biggest names and holding a contest to win a motorcycle or something of the sort, which of course turns into a sizzling poolside orgy.  And what an orgy!  It's almost difficult to follow at times as there is so much non-stop sex going on.

      But overall, the film is truly hot with an absolutely breathtaking finale- as the camera slowly pans around the pool, we see the entire cast lying in a circle around it, each sucking the one in front of him off.  It's definitely a sight to behold.  Cram-packed with such stars as Leo Ford, Mike Dean, Michael Christopher, Derrick Stanton, Corey Adams, Brian Thompson, and Scott Roberts, and many others- it's been digitally re-mastered, and looks better than ever.  The action seems spontaneous and real, not staged.  And the actors seem to be having a great time.  It's a perfect film of summer.  This is classic porn and well worth a look.  My only complaint with this film is that there is so much action going on, it does tend to get difficult to keep it all straight.  Some of the lighting could be better too.  But oh well.  Still hot.