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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


      It's funny how your views on what's attractive or sexy changes over the years.  Hairy Bruno never used to do anything for me back in the day, but now the older I get, the more I find him incredibly sexy. Supposedly of Cuban descent, Bruno was a COLT model who set a standard for manly gay porn stars in the 70's. Here's a sample of the great Bruno in his glory days...


  1. 11/09/13 3:26pm Bruno The Man I found him to be the kind of man I wanted and here he was, very dark, hairy and what a manly, hairy butt. I don't recall seeing him w/ a beard, he looks like Frank Serpico.

    1. Decades ago I had a magazine that featured most of the photos in this presentation. It also contained a photo of Bruno's smokin' hot ass. I've seen many of these photos since but never that one. Back in the day, Bruno was my favorite jerk off fantasy.