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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grant Fagan

     Most porn stars would kill to have Grant Fagan's long career.  Starting in the pre-condom, vintage era, he quickly became known for his boyishly good looks and rather large cock (that he could suck himself!).  Grant seamlessly made the transition from the retro 80's to the 90's, winning the Grabby Award in '92 for Comeback of the Year.  Grant even worked into the 2000's, introducing his slim physique to a whole new generation.

     Grant appeared in such classic films as "The Young and the Hung", "Southland Tales", "Motel California", "Pizza Boy: He Delivers", "Jackhammer", "Night Moves", "Leather Daddies", and many more.  His boyish good looks and mammoth cock made a lasting impression on us back in the 80's, indeed.  Here's to you, Grant.