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Monday, October 7, 2013

Tom Hartung

    Sexy, blond Tom Hartung exploded onto the gay porn scene in the late 70's, and pretty much kept busy all throughout the 80's, before suddenly disappearing from view.  'Tis a tragedy, as Tom exudes blond, bearded, manliness from every pore of his body.  Tom's good looks are timeless- he could just as easily appear today and not seem the least bit dated.  And he's even posing with a pumpkin in one of these pics- how appropriate.


  1. Very good blog, guy! I like so much, as you, porn vintage. See too my own blog, here:
    read you later, I hope; I will come very often here :-)

  2. Just the thought of meeting Tom I would save for 4-6 months for such and that would be just for a meal or two.