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Monday, June 20, 2016


     Featuring such big name stars as Ed Wiley, Scott O'Hara, Bob Bishop, Judd Preston, Kurt Marshall, Matt Hollis, Will Seagers, and Scott McIvan, 1984's RAMCHARGER was Falcon Studio's first release on their JOCKS label and its all-time biggest selling video as well.  And it's easy to see why.

     RAMCHARGERS is chock full of big dicks, hot ass, jizz swallowing, cum shots, and hot sweaty mansex. The film contains no dialogue or cheesy set ups, just sizzling sex scenes as Ed Wiley is sticking his mammoth dong in every tight ass he can get a hold of.  It's pure macho sex on celluloid, and holds up easily against today's digitalized and anti-septic porn.

     The men featured are all hot and hung, and the sex is filmed exquisitely, even with the low-budget. Bob Bishop and Ed Wiley are the standouts here, but all are equally hot and horny.  Honestly you couldn't ask for a better representation of vintage 80's smut- RAMCHARGER is classic gay porn kids.

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