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Monday, February 13, 2017



     A bodybuilder discovered at the age of 26 by adult film producer John Travis, Jeff Stryker quickly became one of the "biggest" and most famous gay porn stars of all time. Jeff was widely known for his mammoth penis which was promoted as ten full inches- and the Jeff Stryker realistic dildo is known for being the biggest selling dildo in history!

     Jeff starred in straight and bisexual adult films as well. Although primarily known as a gay icon, he did appear in the heterosexaul porno JAMIE LOVES JEFF, which just happens to be one of the biggest selling heterosexual adult films of all time. Still, Jeff Stryker will forever be known as one of the greatest gay porn stars ever, with appearances in POWERTOOL and POWERTOOL 2: BREAKING OUT, BIGGER THAN LIFE, GIANT, IN HOT PURSUIT, and IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS that forever solidified his gay sex icon status.

     Jeff Stryker loved showing off his luscious butt, although he sadly never bottomed on screen. He was actually an agressive top in front of the camera, with a penchant for extreme dirty talk and assertiveness. Jeff is truly one of the greatest stars of gay porn we've ever witnessed, becoming a bona fide celebrity by the time the 90's rolled around.

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