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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ed Wiley

     Oh... Ed.... where do I begin?  Ed Wiley was one of Falcon and COLT's biggest stars back in the 80's, and with his impressive 11" cut cock and moustache, it's a no-brainer as to why.  Ed smolders on screen- he  was the Marlboro Man of gay porn, and we loved him for it.  This Wiley coyote plowed his way through many classic movies of the time, most memorably "Man Hunt", "Head Trips", "Prowlers", "Dune Buddies", "A Night At The Adonis", "Rough Trade", "Bedtime Story", "California Boys", "Centaurians Of Rome", "Ram Charger", and "Dirt Bikes".  One of the hottest of all time!


  1. I loved Ed Wiley - so damn hot!!!

    1. This damn site is going to make me type this out ONE MORE TIME...!!

      Okay, yes, I agree, SO damn hot. Ed Wiley was the first nude male I remember seeing in a gay rag, Honcho, it was, but the name be used in the magazine was "Myles Longue".
      Man, I was in love! Beautiful, sexy beast of a man. I developed an obsession that lasted for many, many years. Which may seem excessive, but it eventually paid off-- I finally met him. And if you want to hear more about it, is be happy to share. Let me know...

    2. So VERY damn hot...he was the first nude male I'd ever seen in a gay rag, Honcho, around 1980. And I fell for this guy, HARD, an obsession that lasted for many, many years. Even met him eventually... if you'd like to hear more, let me know, I love sharing.