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Monday, September 16, 2013

Brian Hawks

     Brian Hawks is one of the classic 80's blonds, kids- and his sizzling scene on a dirty men's room floor in "The Bigger the Better" is Brian at his raunchy best.  His blond, boy-next-door-out-for-cock persona was hugely popular throughout the decade, and it also didn't hurt that he was totally versatile- whether topping or bottoming, he clearly enjoyed every minute of it.  Plus he sported a really big dick.

     Brian's blond, surfer look helped make him one of the gay world's biggest stars of the decade, and can be seen in such titles as "Brian's Boys", Lockerroom Fever", "Big and Thick", "Ramcharger", "The Bigger the Better", "Fantasize", "One Size Fits All", "Hard Money", and "The Defiled".


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