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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hank and Jesse Ditmar

    Hold up here.  Stop the press.  Now I grew up watching vintage porn, but somehow the fact that there were two actual brothers who modeled for COLT and appeared in some COLT films somehow escaped my knowledge.  How am I just now finding out about this?  Jesse Ditmar and his younger brother Hank are something to behold here, and perfectly represent that late 70's/early 80's sexy vibe.  See for yourselves, kids.  Oh and normally I am NOT attracted to men with long hair (Jesse), but who wouldn't take a second look if he was cruising you on a nature trail?  I mean, these boys have buns for days... Were they truly brothers?  They certainly look alike- the lips, the eyes, the body hair.  Hey let us fantasize here!

     Let's take a looksie at Hank first.

     And now Jessie...



  1. Hey

    Nice blog, I just voted 5 for you on BMB, hope you get a chance to return the favor.


    1. Hey

      Thanks! Returned the favor!

      J ROCK

  2. my god. these studs are awesome. i have a great memory of hank- in one of the pix above- from one of my first porn purchases. it still rocks my fantasies 35 yrs later

  3. I believe they were and yes they both are Super STUDS.