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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


     Rangers, a 1984 film released by Al Parker's SURGE STUDIOS, is a superb all-male porno film shot entirely in the Sierras that tells the tale of two hunky and hot forest rangers (Nick Rogers and Chris West) who are on a mission to clear the area for a pending road rally or some such nonsense.  These two rangers encounter a hot lineup of horny men including loggers, campers, fishermen and racers in some sizzling sex scenes, all with that special Al Parker touch.

     The two rangers encounter two hot campers (Kevin Hunt and Mark Edwards) and start spying on the couple with binoculars. Soon, they're rubbing their crotches and mimicking the two campers' sexcapades- complete with sucking, rimming, and fucking.  The scene alone makes the film.

     Next we get Al Parker and two other loggers (Daniel Holt and Chris Allen) in a hot 3-way in a cabin- do you need anymore than that?  No, you don't.

          Ranger Nick Rogers spies two fishermen, (Jesse Koehler and Gregory Gerard) engaged in oral action by the river, and of course joins them. Then Ranger Chris West encounters a couple of butch race drivers (Shaun Easton and Brad Peters) and joins them- what else did you expect in an Al Parker film?  Rangers is an excellent outdoor epic filled with hot, macho men doing what comes naturally, kids.

     "There is something for everyone in Rangers, plenty of menage-a-trois action, for the lovers of group sex and a hint of S & M for those who bent (if you'll pardon the pun), lies in that direction, as Al Parker's dick is tied up to his balls and stretched in such a way that it would bring tears to most men's eyes."--Torso, April 1994?

      "I enjoyed Rangers the most. The opening sequence with Park Rangers Nick Rogers and Chris West spying on two hot looking campers is first rate. Parker chose to go with the sounds of the outdoor setting instead of any music, and the choice really adds to the overall quality of the segment."--Bill Baumer

      "Rangers is well cast, and the outdoor settings, shot on location in the Sierras, provide striking background for the uninhibited al fresco sexplay."--Manshots, October 1990


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    1. Makes me want to go camping even more than I already do.

  2. the slow motion cumshots are wicked and beautiful coming from big fat mushroom headed cocks. *licks lips*