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Thursday, May 5, 2016



   "Take a trip down a very special road with the legendary producer William Higgins. Along Route 69 half the fun is getting there - and the camera doesn't miss an inch. Las Vegas is the destination, but along the way there's frat house orgies, truck stop bathrooms, mechanics lubing the guys up, and finally - at journey's end - a motel room where checkout is a long time away!"

     William Higgins couldn't make a bad film if he tried, and ROUTE 69 is a classic example of his work in the 80's.  Hot young dudes on their way to Las Vegas and all they encounter along the way is all you need to know about this sizzling gay skin flick from the master himself.

     Higgins gay road movie features such studs as Mike Ramsey, Danny Parks, Darryl Thompson, Todd Eagles and Mike Gibson features all the hot gay sex you could expect from a William Higgins production as he treats us to sex in a frat house orgy, a truck driver's restroom, and a Vegas motel room.

          You can't go wrong with ROUTE 69 kids, just like you can't go wrong with any William Higgins flick.  Lots of hot sweaty 80's sex, just like we all like it!

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