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Wednesday, September 28, 2016



      Athletic Model Guild model and gay porn star of such classics as HIS LITTLE BROTHER and THE DELIVERY BOY,  Bobby Kropp might be one of the hottest men to ever walk the face of the Earth. This is exactly the kind of guy in high school that you always secretly wondered what he looked like naked, or if he was cut or uncut. If he had a hairy ass or a smooth one. If he played around or not...


  1. Reference obituary.Robert W. Kropp 1-6-1957 Fresno,CA. died 7-18-2015 in Omaha,NB,age,58,left twin brother,a son and a daughter.Some blogs claimed he was gay,I guess not,just gay for pay.

  2. Reference Robert W.Kropp 1-6-1957,7-18-2015,died at 58 years old. Left a twin brother, a son and a daughter. I read somewhere he was gay,bug I guess not.