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Friday, September 16, 2016


    Jeremy Brent, AKA Frank Evans or Erron, was a huge COLT and TARGET star of the 1970's, appearing in THE BEST OF COLT PART 7 AND 8, GENUINE LEATHER; COLT STUDIOS, and RIP COLT'S SEX RATED HOME MOVIES. With his natural good looks and killer bod, he easily personifies the 70's carefree sexiness- here's what COLT themselves had to say about him...

“The California coastline is a treasure trove of secluded beaches. With its rocky alcoves and sandy dunes COLT Man Erron stands out among all the natural beauty that surrounds him. Finding himself in his own private paradise Erron revels in his nude freedom. Soaking in the peaceful view he enjoys a deeply meditative and erotic calm. Gazing out to the horizon or running playfully through the dunes, Erron’s athletically muscled body and thick cock are a vision of natural beauty.” —Colt Studios

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