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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Erik Stryker

     Talk about all-American golden boy..... Blond and muscular Erik Stryker hit the scene around 1981, and would end the decade starring with just about every big gay porn star out there- but never quite reaching the huge status of his co-stars.  Erik appeared in many classic titles, including ""Rawhide", "Easy Entry", "A Matter of Size", "Bathhouse Fantasies", "Knockout", "Student Bodies", "Firsts", "Think Big", "Arcade", and "Alley Cats"- yet for whatever reason failed to achieve superstardom.  With his natural blond good looks, dreamy blue eyes, killer smile and hot body, he should have.

     He had quite a diverse career- he did construction work, served in the U.S. Air Force, modeled for COLT, and appeared in over 50 films.  Yet despite all this, Stryker developed a strong fan following, and his  work speaks for itself.