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Monday, July 8, 2013

Rex Morgan/Buck Hayes

     My pick for one of the sexiest man ever?  This one right here.  Rex Morgan, aka Buck Hayes, was a muscular, beefy top who worked for COLT and Falcon.  Just look at this man.  Piercing blue eyes, that mop of blond hair, that body.  Good Lord.

     Known primarily for his work with COLT- both on page and on screen throughout the 80's- he's been largely absent from the gay scene lately, but still in high demand.  Wonder why.  The magnificent Rex/Buck can be seen in such videos as "Hot Rods: Young and the Hung 2", "Hunk", "Faces", and  "Therapy", and they are well worth your time.  But Rex/Buck is just as sexy in photos.  See for yourself.


  1. 11/0913 2:36pm Rex Morgan HUNK
    I have a copy of the Vid 'HUNK'' he is a big man, beefy and muscled but his voice was very weak. They wasted him in this film. Your PIC'S do him justice, he really had an incredible body.

  2. Sweet and Soft spoken how true, but as mentioned a Greek God's body.