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Monday, July 8, 2013

Rod Mitchell

     *sighs* They just don't make them like Rod Mitchell anymore.  I'm over-dosing on the pornstache today- don't judge, okay? Something about them.... and Rod Mitchell certainly wore his with pride.  Rod personifies an era where men were men, you didn't airbrush or shave your porn stars, and sporting a moustache was done with the utmost seriousness.

      As it all that weren't sexy enough, what also makes Rod so sexy is that he was completely versatile in his films.  With his muscular little body, hairy chest, and big dick, he could fuck a tight ass like there's no tomorrow, but would turn around and happily take it up the ass himself.  Woof.  He never quite attained legendary status, and I'm quite befuddled as to why.  What do you think?


  1. I think he is the absolute sexiest gay porn star ever. Since I first saw him in 197, he has been my fantasy man. Would love to know more about him.

  2. It might seem shallow but I just happen to LOVE HAIR, anyone seeing my posts probably noticed by now. I said nothing about Blondie's appearance here.