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Thursday, July 7, 2016


      Supposedly the inspiration behind Jon Voight's character in "Midnight Cowboy", Barry Hoffman appeared in a handful of films, most notably "Hayride", "On the Beach", and "I, Rick", and modeled for Target Studios.

     A strapping top, Barry made a name for himself throughout the 1970's in the world of gay porn, and is a sad reminder of what men used to be. Naturally masculine without the help of steroids, and naturally hairy where ya should be.  Barry was a top to be reckoned with, and sported a big, uncut schlong that was usually up some tight, unsuspecting butt.


  1. 11/15/2013 12:54am Barry Hoffman I got a good look at this man in a spanking segment titled "Soaked and Spanked," he looked great with the shaggy hair and especially his dark 'stache. No he didn't get the tanning on his bare ass....not in the film anyway.

  2. Has anyone heard from him recently?

  3. they always put nice big dicked studs on those playing cards!