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Sunday, July 3, 2016


"Please hold..."

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  1. i've been looking for this movie for about 10 yrs now, it's a vintage foreign movie i'm almost sure it's in french i don't really recall any other scene other than this one
    in the above pic. it's starts of with a guy masturbating on his bed and he get's a sexy phone call, the guy on the other end is saying sexy /moaning groaning things in french (i think)
    anyway the guy listening and masturbating gets sooooo into it he starts using the handset/receiver as a dildo and manages to shove the entire handset into his ass.
    this is a really funny part because we can hear the muffled/garbled guy on the other end while inside the ass. all hot n heavy but muffled inside the ass...
    we used to laugh our asses off at this scene when it came on in the sauna where i worked at the time in montreal. it was on vhs. i'm sure it was french but could have been swedish.
    the model of phone is very european i think and it's NOT a cadinot film. anyway i'd like to show my boyfriend cause he was pretty shocked someone could shove a 70's style
    handset up their ass. buck naked do you know this film?