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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mike Davis

     Mike Davis was one of the great studs to come out of Colt Studios in the 70's and 80's.  Mike was well-known for being a total man's man, and instantly became a superstar of gay cinema.  Good friends and fuck buddies of legendary Al Parker, Mike was a carpenter by trade, and did construction and design on the sets of Parker's Surge Studios.  Mike co-starred with Al, and the two were a match made in heaven.  He was the total opposite of many of today's porn stars.  He smoked cigarettes, swilled beer, and was naturally hairy.  And butch.  So butch I just grew another chest hair looking at him.  Manly Mike can be seen in such flicks as "Couples: COLT Men on the Lake", "Man To Man Heat", "Workload", "Timberwolves", "Colt Cowboy Country", and "The Man Who Blew Too Much".  Check them out- they are well worth it.