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Monday, August 26, 2013

Nick Chase

     Nick Chase was an 80's COLT model legend with an ass to die for, and perfectly epitomized the naturally muscular and masculine 70's/80's gay porn star. On top of a smile that would melt butter and that sexy 'stache, Nich had a downright amazing bubble but.  Oh, and did I forget to throw in former mayor of West Hollywood? Yes.

      Nick had a brief and sparse collaboration with COLT, but boy did he leave an impression.  This is hot, steamy masculinity right here folks, and although Nick Chase might not be the first name to pop into your head while thinking of 80's gay porn legends- take another look at those buns and get back to me.


  1. Hell yeah, Hot Cross Buns the absolute best to eat. Dive, Dive, Dive