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Monday, April 8, 2013

Johnny Harden

      Known in the 70's and 80's as either Johnny Harden, Johnny Hardon, or Gene Carrier- this stud became known for his thick cock, his talents for auto-fellatio, and for being able to take fuck himself with his own dick.  Johnny would appear on the cover of Mandate, Honcho, and many other gay publications, and would even cross over to straight porn as well.  He doesn't seem to get the attention that a Leo Ford or Jeff Stryker gets, but just look at him!


  1. I was on vacation in Hawaii on Oahu in May of 1980. I went to eat at Hamburger Mary's in Waikiki, and who do you think was sitting all by himself at the table next to mine??
    The one and only Johnny Harden! I couldn't believe my eyes, but there he was.
    I introduced myself and complimented him on his work and of course his amazing cock.
    He was very friendly and gracious. I shook his hand and let him eat his meal in peace. I'll never forget how hot he was! Even hotter looking in real life...