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Sunday, April 14, 2013


     One of William Higgin's best films of the early 80's, "Leo & Lance" is a ball-busting good time that's chock full of steamy hunks and sizzling sex- all set against the backdrop of some spectacular Big Bear scenery!

     Not only do the sexual pairing of dreamy blonds Leo Ford and newcomer Lance cause an erotic supernova, but "Leo & Lance" also features some smokin' hot 3-way action.  One involves Eric Ryan, Rick St. Clair, and Cal Barry in a jail cell, and the other involves another pairing of Leo and Lance with the severely underrated but so sexy Aaron Gage in a mountain cabin.  Both scenes alone are worth seeing the film.  Throw in some awesome jackoff solo sessions, and as much Leo Ford as you can shake a stick at, and you've got classic Higgins, folks.

     Something about Leo Ford, Big Bear mountains, and William Higgins make for porno perfection.  Easily in the ranks of such classics as "Sailor In The Wild" and "Spokes", this one will get your rocks off for sure.