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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steve Hammond

     Blond, blue-eyed, Steve Hammond exploded onto the gay porn scene in the late 80's.  Supposedly "straight", Steve made his gay film debut in 1984, but didn't make a splash until he was discovered by Falcon in 1988.  His assets were totally obvious- he was He-Man to many a young, gay man in the late 80's.  With his icy, Nordic gaze, tantalizing bubble butt, and long dong, Steve caused many a hard-on back in the day.  I mean, just look at him!

     Although he only appeared in a dozen or so films, his ultimate cinematic moment was by far Falcon's "The Pledgemaster".  In that film, Steve plays a dildo-weilding frat-house president who shows rebellious pledges no mercy whatsoever!  It's his shining moment, and a genuinely wonderful 80's time capsule.  You can also catch Steve Hammond in action in such titles as  "Mission Accomplished",
Backstrokes", "The Next Valentino", "Touch Me", "The Gladiators", and "Stryker Force".

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