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Monday, April 15, 2013

Jon King

     Jon King.... need I say more?  One of the most energetic and voracious gay porn stars of the 80's, he developed a huge and devoted fan base.  A consummate bottom, Jon obviously loved man-to-man sex, and very enthusiastically showed his love of cock and ass on the big screen. With his mop of dark hair, sultry eyes, and moustache, he was one of the biggest bottoms of 80's gay porn.  Discovered at a car wash by Catalina Studios, Jon went on to star in many legendary flicks of the era, and earned a rabid and devoted fan base.

       One of the great stars of the era, Jon King exudes a hotness onscreen that just needs to be seen to be believed.   And you can witness hit sexiness in titles such as "The Biggest One I Ever Saw!", "Biker's Liberty", "Boys On Call", "Brothers Should Do It", "Daddies", "Fade In", "Getting It", "Members Only", "Perfect Summer", "Printer's Devils", "These Bases Are Loaded", and "Wild Country".  Whether on his knees being force-fed two throbbing cocks, or on his back with his legs up in the air, Jon spawned many a wet dream in the 1980's.  Major hotness all around!


  1. He was dazzling! Almost purely beautiful. For an everlasting fan like me, he is a great loss. Hope wherever he is now he is happy.

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